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Top 5 Infra Apps

Posted by Joe Gentle on Thursday, August 15th, 2013

From bike routes to busted bridges, you can get and give all kinds of information about the world of infrastructure using web and mobile apps. Here are some of the best ones out there to help you get where you’re going, give your opinion, or just geek out on infra stats:

I’m Stuck
The Building America’s Future Coalition (BAF) is bridging the gap between citizens and lawmakers when it comes to reporting unsavory road conditions.  Frustrated commuters, after parking, can enter their locations and send any one of dozens of customizable messages directly to their U.S. Senator or Representative.  By overflowing Washington’s inboxes with colorful expletives, we can hopefully convince them to address our country’s transportation issues. I’m Stuck is available for iphone/ipad and Android.

Walk Score
Enter any address, city or zip code and Walk Score will generate a score from 0 to 100 based on how easily locals can survive with only their feet to carry them.  Walk Score is great for scoping new neighborhoods or finding the nearest burger joint, but it also offers unique insights into the trends that shape our cities’ pedestrian infrastructure. Walk Score is available on the web, for iphone and for android.

If getting around on public transit were easy, everyone would do it.  Unfortunately, the reality is that unexpected service glitches, convoluted routes and unpredictable stop locations keep many would-be straphangers from climbing aboard.  Enter: Anystop! This simple Android app uses set transit schedules along with real-time information on delays and service changes to give you the power to get there on time, or at least know if you’re going to be late.  Anystop is available for Android in dozens of cities around the country. 

Report Your Crash
Though only a slight deviation from ambulance-chasing tactics, this law-firm-developed web app may actually do a lot of good.  Starting with Chicago’s stats on bicycle crashes, the app generates a heat map of the most dangerous intersections, allowing cyclists in the Windy City to circumvent accident hotspots and opt for the colder streets.  The app’s main draw is that it allows cyclists to report data on near misses and minor accidents that wouldn’t otherwise be reported.  Report Your Crash is on the web here.

By taking a standard Google map and highlighting areas with pleasantly circular bubbles, this app gives you a quick and surprisingly useful estimate of just how far you can go using public transit in a given amount of time.  Use the slider to adjust the time alotted from 1 to 180 minutes, and the bubbles will let you know if you’ll be able to get from A to B without resorting to a cab or full-out sprint.  Most major cities around the world are included, and the list is always growing.  Mapnificent is here on the web.

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