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Guest on The Infra Blog: Erica Brennes, Video Marketing Manager, moovel US, and Co-Creator of Transit Trends

Posted by Steve Anderson on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Erica Brennes on The Infra BlogErica Brennes is host and co-creator of Transit Trendsan online show that covers all topics trending in the world of transportation. As Video Marketing Manager at moovel US, Erica created Transit Trends in April 2016, along with The Overhead Wire’s Jeff Wood and moovel’s videographer and editor, Alex Penrose.

Erica began her career as a news anchor and reporter, and after switching to traffic spent three years as the morning traffic anchor at the CBS affiliate in Austin, TX. Erica covered transportation stories as well, which led her to join moovel (formerly RideScout) in January 2015.

Transit Trends: Engaging in the Future of Mobility
Transit Trends is an online-based show that moovel launched about  a year ago, so early 2016…and it was born out of an idea to engage in the future of mobility, what the industry is talking about, what cities are talking about, what transit wonks and nerds are talking about, and that was obviously something we were interested in. We’re not plugging the company—we were never plugging RideScout or moovel—this really is out of a genuine interest in the industry.

Bringing New Voices into the Mobility Conversation
I think we keep the show so that it could be interesting for my mom to watch, but also can still be interesting for someone who is in the industry to watch, because we know—and I know, as a former traffic anchor—people love to talk about transportation. They love to talk about traffic. If you check out some of the comments, it’s a place for people go to talk about these various topics and for us to engage in either our users or our clients or industry experts or…students. So it’s a platform for people to engage in this conversation and learn about what’s trending in transportation.

Limits to Engagement
You’re seeing this turn right now of more people being engaged. People are getting engaged on a more political level as far as those codes and the planning out of a new road; but at the same time, I still don’t think the  average person is necessarily going to engage with highway planning projects. Do people really notice what part of their lives is really going towards infrastructure? It’s not this sexy thing that really gets people going, but it’s so vitally important.

Success is Getting People to Think
…discussing this on a platform like YouTube where anyone can come across this, maybe it gets people thinking…“You know, maybe there is someone I can find a carpool with,” or “You know, maybe I will check out that BCycle.” It takes someone being frustrated by their situation and then seeing something that interests them to try something new, or hearing about their friend trying something new. If Transit Trends causes people to do that, that’s what I would consider winning with Transit Trends.


Download full transcript (PDF): Erica Brennes on The Infra Blog


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