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2011 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report

Posted by Content Coordinator on Monday, October 24th, 2011



Massachusetts has a long history of innovation. From computers and information technology to life sciences and defense, the Commonwealth has spawned numerous companies and industries focused on developing game-changing technologies that have altered the way people throughout the world live. Given this track record, the state’s world-class colleges and universities, and its vibrant venture capital community, it is not surprising that Massachusetts has been at the forefront of clean energy research and development for decades.

For the purpose of this report, a clean energy firm is defined as an employer engaged in whole, or in part, in providing goods and services related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, alternative transportation, and carbon management. Renewable energy is defined as solar photovoltaic, solar thermal or concentrated solar power, wind power, fuel cell, bioenergy, hydropower or hydrokinetic, geothermal, hydrogen generation, or thermal to energy conversion, or renewable energy combined heat and power. Energy efficiency is defined as lighting, HVAC and building controls, energy efficient appliances , energy efficient processes and machinery, energy storage, demand response services, smart grid (smart computing/software), weatherization services and energy efficient building materials. Other technologies include electric vehicles and systems, electric rail and carbon management, including carbon capture and storage, coal gasification and the secondary carbon market. The report defines clean energy workers as employees which spend at least a portion of their time supporting the clean energy aspects of their businesses.

Market demand for clean energy technologies has increased dramatically in recent years, due to both consumer preferences and new government incentives and regulations. Massachusetts’ leading academic institutions, active network of technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, highly skilled workforce, market-building public policy, and engaged government leaders have positioned the state to take advantage of this demand. The strong clean energy community has led to significant recognition from leading clean energy research firms as well as the federal government. Massachusetts ranked first in the nation in clean energy policy leadership and investment climate, and third in the nation overall in the 2011 CleanEdge U.S. Clean Energy Leadership Index. In addition, Massachusetts based companies and research institutions have helped create jobs throughout the state and kept the Massachusetts’ innovation engine running.

2011 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report

2011 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report

Download full report (PDF): 2011 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report

About Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
“Massachusetts is leading the way in innovative and comprehensive energy reform that will make clean energy a centerpiece of the Commonwealth’s economic future. Created by the Green Jobs Act of 2008, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) is dedicated to accelerating the success of clean energy technologies, companies and projects in the Commonwealth—while creating high-quality jobs and long-term economic growth for the people of Massachusetts. MassCEC is a partner, clearinghouse and connector for people in the clean energy sector, making direct investments in clean energy companies, building a strong clean energy workforce, and supporting responsibly sited renewable energy projects across the Commonwealth. MassCEC works with the entire clean energy community in Massachusetts to propel promising technologies from the drawing board to the global marketplace.”

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