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Posted by Steve Anderson on Monday, June 8th, 2009

Welcome to InfrastructureUSA, where we encourage citizen dialogue about civil infrastructure — all infra areas, any topic and every viewpoint.  As we launch this exciting new initiative, we’re heartened by the enthusiasm and support for our mission already demonstrated by a broad spectrum of people and influential organizations from across America. Consider these insights from three of the leading nonprofit organizations focused upon infra issues:

•    The Urban Land Institute argues in a recent publication that our nation is approaching “a pivot point for overhauling its dilapidated and outmoded infrastructure.”
•    The Regional Plan Association’s America 2050 initiative notes that “America’s response to the dual challenge of meeting its growing energy needs and responding to the threat of global climate change will define its ability to compete globally in the 21st century.”
•    And a recent national survey by Building America’s Future finds that “Fully 81% of Americans are prepared to pay 1% more in taxes to rebuild America’s infrastructure.”

What these reports all have in common is that they are all available right here on InfrastructureUSA – at Infra Views.  As an independent web site, we don’t agree or disagree with any of their conclusions, but we’re indebted to these respected think tanks (and others) for providing their perspective on some of the major infra issues. We’ll continue to turn to experts like these, and hope you’ll join in the conversation with them.

Then there’s The Infra Blog, where we’ll regularly go out of our way to poke and prod and try to generate thoughtful debate. Special thanks to Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell, our first guest. You should find his comments quite direct.

Most importantly, Show Us Your Infra is your opportunity to share your stills, video and stories about local and national issues.  Go there.  Contribute your information and ideas.  InfrastructureUSA needs to hear from you.

Plus, our first Infra Poll question is now open for voting.

And now that you’ve found us, we’re hoping you keep coming back. There’s much, much more coming soon to InfrastructureUSA, including original Infra Films, national public opinion research and a contest or two. These are early days.  Exciting, but early.

Right now….we hope you’ll join in the conversation.

The dialogue is now underway!

Steve Anderson
Managing Director

5 Responses to “Welcome to Infrastructure USA”

  1. Emily Davison says:

    This is an extremely timely area that needs attention. Everytime I cross over a bridge in the greater Metropolitan area, I always think about how sound it really is. We need to overhaul the infrastructure in a more environmentally sound way.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. len rubin says:

    I am in Tokyo and am struck by the absence of pollution. Many hybrids, many bicycles, a very welll developed rail infrastructure and strong shared awareness about the importance of petro-less transport

  3. harvey burton says:

    Spending for infrastructure thereby employing people and creating lasting benefit makes much more sense than buying at the mall. We need more “shovel ready” projects. Whatever assistance InfrastructureUSA brings by encouraging dialogue and interest along these lines is very welcome.

  4. Lisa Daglian says:

    The more dialogue we focus on the the lack of long-term funding and vision for infrastructure as a national issue, the better our chances of resolving – or at least beginning to really address – this pending crisis.

  5. Nicky Jason says:

    As America’s bridges and tunnels age we all share concern over their safety. Who is monitoring these structures and how? As a frequent traveler over NYC’s Queensboro/59th Street Bridge I cannot believe what poor shape this highly trafficked structure is in. Is there a annual “checkup” done and where are the test results reported?

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