Twitter “Town Hall” – DOT Secretary Foxx and House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Chairman Shuster

Posted by Content Coordinator on Friday, February 13th, 2015


U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and House Transportation Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster recently hosted a virtual “Town Hall” on Twitter to discuss the issue of infrastructure in the United States. Using the hashtag #StuckInTraffic, Chairman Shuster (@Transport) and Secretary Foxx (@SecretaryFoxx) answered questions from industry leaders and the public on strengthening our nation’s highway, bridge, and transit infrastructure. According to the DOT fastlane blog the event made history, as this was the first time “any sitting Cabinet Secretary and House Committee Chair have co-hosted such an event. Ever.”

While these two leaders have their differences, Chairman Shuster and Secretary Foxx both agree that Congress needs to pass a long-term solution to the infrastructure funding crisis in the U.S. “There are no Republican or Democratic potholes. This country needs to see people on both sides of the aisle finding ways to work together,” said Secretary Foxx. The Q&A session took place at 12:00 Noon on Wednesday.

You can view the full discussion on Chairman Shuster’s timeline, or read the plain text version below.

Q&A with Chairman Shuster & Secretary Foxx

Chairman Shuster @Transport
I’m in the room, LIVE with @SecretaryFoxx. Send your questions now! #StuckinTraffic /WFS

InfrastructureUSA @InfraUSA
Our Question: How can citizens who feel we must repair our decaying infrastructure get this message to Congress? #StuckInTraffic

Chairman Shuster @Transport
[email protected] Talk with your Congressman.. meet with their offices. Get in person conversations going. Especially online! #StuckInTraffic /WFS

Anthony Foxx @SecretaryFoxx
[email protected] Big problem, caused by years of underinvestment, I agree: talk to your member of Congress. #StuckInTraffic

Kevin Reynolds @reykev
What will Congress and the Administration do to ensure we increase our investment in public transportation infrastructure?

Anthony Foxx @SecretaryFoxx
@WhiteHouse plan is GROW AMERICA Act, we want to work with Congress to solve this problem. Bipartisanship can work in America again.

Chairman Shuster @Transport
I certainly agree with the Secretary that bipartisanship is the way forward. We need to make sure its fiscally responsible. We need to find the dollars and streamline to stretch them further moving fwd.

US Rep Rodney Davis @RodneyDavis
How do you plan to help our small communities under 200k (many rural areas) gain access to their share of transportation $?

Chairman Shuster @Transport
Coming from a district that has only communities under 50k, I’m very concerned that there’s access for share of transpo dollars. Important to work w/ states & local gov to make sure that happens.

Anthony Foxx @SecretaryFoxx
Rural areas are critical to US; mfg, ag are big opportunities. Big freight program would help #GrowAmerica

WALLY Commuter Rail @WALLYRail
What’s Washington’s vision for true multi-modal transportation in the future? #StuckInTraffic #Voices4Transit

Anthony Foxx @SecretaryFoxx
Multimodal IS the future. Finding new ways to move people, products will increase flows -rail, transit, highways–we need it all

Chairman Shuster @Transport
I agree WE NEED IT ALL. Findin ways to have less stove-pipe funding and more flexibility in more directions.

Johnson City MTPO @JohnsonCityMTPO
What is the likelihood of the next transportation act covering a longer timeframe, say 4 to 6 years

Chairman Shuster @Transport
Not only our goal but ESSENTIAL to have longterm bill. 5-6 years is what we should look at.

Anthony Foxx @SecretaryFoxx
I agree!

Rep. Bob Gibbs @RepBobGibbs
How can we build upon MAP-21’s success in streamlining programs in this reauthorization

Anthony Foxx @SecretaryFoxx
Get federal agencies to review simultaneously and incentivize states to do the same. Lots of success w/this approach

Chairman Shuster @Transport
In the next bill, we want to encourage states w/ stronger review processes to move w/o fed.

Transit Labs @transitlabs
What are the biggest things Americans can do to improve their commutes?

Chairman Shuster @Transport
Encourage your members to improve ALL modes so they work together as 1 system, instead of many. Also encourage/use NEW emerging technologies that help us avoid traffic.

Anthony Foxx @SecretaryFoxx
#BeyondTraffic report says commutes are longer; we need more choices, more $ for roads, transit, rail

Honda in America @HondaInAmerica
What role do next-gen technologies, like vehicle-to-vehicle communications, play in the @USDOT’s vision for the future?

Anthony Foxx @SecretaryFoxx
HUGE role! Working to help @USDOT get even better at bringing new tech into market. But #safety first.

Chairman Shuster @Transport
Absolutely safety is top priority. Decreasing congestion is hugely important — having driven in a a driverless car, I can tell you. This technology is right around the corner.

Xerox Transportation @XeroxTransport
Fuel taxes no longer meet the costs of keeping up with our highways. Could tolling be the answer?

Chairman Shuster @Transport
I believe that user fee is the fairest way to fund across gov. I don’t believe there is the will in US to toll interstates. Looking for solutions to ensure trustfund is fully funded. We’re looking at all options.

Anthony Foxx @SecretaryFoxx
Tolling not a complete answer, but should be part of the mix. Won’t help the Highway Trust Fund

Jan Sutherland-Wells @iMacHead
What’s being done to help public transportation better serve rural & suburban communities

Chairman Shuster @Transport
There are current transit progs that are in place that are very helpful to seniors & disabled in rural communities. We are focused on making sure those programs stay in place.

Anthony Foxx @SecretaryFoxx
Rural, suburban areas need good plans- connecting to #jobs, opportunity. Local vision is key; state, fed govt should support

Team Infrastructure @Inf_Alliance
Seems like states can’t depend on the HTF for infrastructure projects. What’s wrong with giving states the responsibility?

Chairman Shuster @Transport
60 yrs ago the states has the responsibility & we were unable to build a national transpo system. It is a fundamental function of government: federal, state, and local to fund and build a national system. The Fed gov and Washington needs to do its part.

Anthony Foxx @SecretaryFoxx
America is growing fast; infrastructure is not. Need more $ at federal AND state levels to catch up–not either/or

Chairman Shuster @Transport

That’s a wrap. Thanks for all your questions — we’ll try to answer some more later. /WFS & AF #StuckInTraffic

Anthony Foxx @SecretaryFoxx
Thanks to @Transport and to everyone who tweeted us their #StuckInTraffic questions! Will try to answer more soon -AF

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