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The Innovative DOT: Pricing Strategies

Friday, January 30th, 2015
The Innovative DOT: Focus Area 3

Appropriate pricing strategies can raise revenues and manage demand, keeping costs down. On the other hand, when transportation system users do not see appropriate price signals, demand is artificially high, increasing congestion and pressure for new capacity. State departments of transportation generally cannot impose price signals on their own, but they can work with a variety of stakeholders and decision-makers, from legislators to insurance companies, to accomplish these goals.

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The Innovative DOT: Revenue Allocation and Project Selection

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015
Innovative DOT: Area 2 - Revenue Allocation and Project Selection

Scarce transportation dollars need to be spent where they do the most good. But making changes to long-standing practices, some of which are ensconced in law, can be difficult and present a hurdle to state departments of transportation (DOTs) looking to get the best bang for their buck. Pressing forward with revenue allocation and project selection reform represents a major way in which DOTs can deliver projects with greater impact more quickly. Many agencies are now reforming project selection and formula funding processes for sub-state units of government, often tying proposed spending to state, departmental, and/or local goals and objectives.

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The Innovative DOT: Focus Area 1 – Revenue Sources

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015
NRDC - The Innovative DOT - Focus Area 1

The era when fuel taxes alone could cover robust highway construction and maintenance programs is over. Even then, non-highway modes often struggled for support. Funding transportation out of general revenue is problematic, both be-cause it is subject to changing budget priorities and because it underprices transportation, creating excess demand. State departments of transportation (DOTs) need new sources of dedicated revenues, preferably tied to user fees in cases where excess demand—which is both economically and environmentally costly—can be curtailed through the market-style discipline that such fees impose. User fees may also appeal to stakeholders’ sense of fairness, making them more politically palatable than “subsidies” from general tax revenues.

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No, Americans Are (Still) Not Driving More

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Written by Shane Phillips
The U.S. Department of Transportation is reporting that driving is at a six-year high, but beware the hype. As James Brasuell at Planetizen notes, these numbers are not adjusted for population and thus don’t account for the growing number of residents living in the country. As always, the better question to ask is how much the average American is driving, and the answer to that is the same as it’s been for years: less and less.

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Open Letter from Secretary Foxx and 11 Former DOT Secretaries Urging Congress to Address Long-Term Transportation Needs

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

As Congress considers legislation to avoid a shortfall of the Highway Trust Fund, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and 11 of his predecessors offered the following open letter to Congress. In addition to Secretary Foxx, Secretaries Ray LaHood, Mary Peters, Norman Mineta, Rodney Slater, Federico Peña, Samuel Skinner, Andrew Card, James Burnley, Elizabeth Dole, William Coleman and Alan Boyd all signed the letter. Their message: Congress’ work doesn’t end with the bill under consideration. Transportation in America still needs a much larger, longer-term investment.

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The Innovative DOT: A Handbook of Policy and Practice

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

State officials across the country are facing the same challenges. Revenues are falling and budgets are shrinking while transportation demands grow. The traditional means of funding and delivering transportation services are no longer adequate, jeopardizing the path to tomorrow’s economy. The only answer is innovation.

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The Road to Good Jobs: Making Training Work

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011
The Road To Good Jobs: Making Training Work

As joblessness continues to afflict millions of Americans, the national conversation has turned to investments in transportation infrastructure as a path to job creation. Calls to invest in our crumbling highways and bridges and cash-strapped transit systems have come from the AFLCIO and U.S. Chamber of Commerce alike. President Obamaʼs American Jobs Act proposes $50 billion in immediate spending on transportation infrastructure, while Congressional Republicans are reportedly seeking ways to boost revenue levels in their proposed federal transportation authorization act.

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Lynnwood, Washington: I-5 Construction Time Lapse

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

The weekend of Sept. 23 — 26 was a busy one on I-5 in Lynnwood. Construction crews, who work mostly at night and behind barrier to stay out of your daytime commute, had to pull the last year’s work together and connect the new ramps to I-5. The time lapse is 21 hours of work […]

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Oregon: Take a tour of the Willamette River Bridge

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

The new Willamette River Bridge is going up fast along I-5 near Eugene and Springfield. Join us for a quick tour and info on how you can see it in person yourself.
-OregonDOT on YouTube

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Missouri DOT: I-44 Gasconade River Bridge Time-Lapse

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

The westbound lanes of I-44 at the Gasconade River east of Lebanon were opened to traffic after being closed for only 20 days instead of 60 days because of a new-to-Missouri “bridge jacking” construction technique.

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