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Posted by Content Coordinator on Thursday, October 28th, 2010



Water has for too long been absent from the national debate on infrastructure. Hidden underground, the deterioration of our nation’s water pipes and treatment systems has become  an unseen crisis. In an era of water scarcity and tight budgets, we can no longer afford to lose nearly two trillion gallons of clean water, at an annual cost of $2.6 billion, to broken and  leaking pipes every year.

Americans agree.

ITT’s nationwide survey on the value of water details what Americans think should be done about this crisis—and who should pay for it.

Executive Summary

95% of American voters value water over any other service they receive, including heat and electricity

Our nation’s industrial and agricultural businesses— among the heaviest water users—rank it second, after only electricity

About three out of four American voters and businesses* say disruptions in the water system would have direct and personal consequences

Too many take clean water for granted: 69% of voters, 72% of businesses*

When asked, U.S. voters and businesses* do express concern about our nation’s water.

  • Nearly one in four American voters is “very concerned” about the state of the nation’s water infrastructure
  • 29% percent of voters agree that water pipes and systems in America are crumbling and approaching a state of crisis
  • 80% of voters say water infrastructure needs reform; about 40% say major reform

People understand that fixing our nation’s water infrastructure problems is a shared responsibility:

  • 85% of voters, 83% of businesses* agree federal, state and local governments should invest money in upgrading our water pipes and systems
  • 79% of voters, 75% of businesses* agree and think government officials need to spend more time addressing water issues
  • Both citizens and businesses* understand and accept responsibility
  • 63% of American voters, and 57% of businesses* say they are willing to pay a little more each month to upgrade our water system

People everywhere are willing to pay more, regardless of region, residence, gender, age or political affiliation

  • Voters are willing to pay on average $6.20 more per month
  • If we took them up on their offer, the United States could invest about $5.4 billion more per year in our nation’s water infrastructure**
  • This is more than four times the FY09 federal investment in our nation’s drinking water systems

*Industrial and agricultural businesses only
**Based on 2010 Census U.S. Bureau projections: 114,200,000 U.S. households
Service Priorities

Download full version (PDF): Value of Water Survey

About ITT Fluid Technology
”  ITT is the world’s largest provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions, and a leading provider of pumps and related technologies for industrial, commercial and municipal customers.”

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