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Top 25 Surface Transportation Projects to Support Economic Growth in Wyoming

Posted by Content Coordinator on Thursday, January 6th, 2011


Executive Summary

Wyoming’s transportation system has played a significant role in the state’s development, providing mobility and access for residents, visitors, businesses and industry. The state’s roads, highways and bridges are the backbone of a transportation system that has helped make Wyoming a leader in the energy, agriculture and tourism sectors. Wyoming’s transportation system also provides for a high quality of life and makes the state a desirable place to live and visit. Today, Wyoming must continue to develop its economy to meet the demands of the 21st Century. The condition and quality of its transportation system will play a critical role in Wyoming’s ability to continue to rebound from the recession and to capitalize on its economic advantages.

To achieve sustainable economic growth, Wyoming must proceed with numerous projects to improve key roads, highways and bridges in the state to support economic growth, particularly in its booming energy sector. Enhancing critical segments of Wyoming’s surface transportation system will boost the state’s economy in the short term by creating jobs in construction and related fields. In the long-term these improvements will enhance economic competitiveness and improve the quality of life for the state’s residents and visitors by reducing travel delays and transportation costs, improving access and mobility, improving safety and stimulating sustained job growth.

In this report, TRIP examines recent transportation and economic trends in Wyoming and provides information on the surface transportation projects in the state that are most needed to support economic growth. Sources of data include the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT), the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), and the U.S. Census Bureau. All data used in the report is the latest available.

TRIP has identified the 25 surface transportation projects that are most needed to support Wyoming’s economic growth. These projects are located throughout the state.

  • The most needed surface transportation improvements in Wyoming include projects to modernize existing roadways, add lanes to existing roadways, improve interchanges and construct some new highway links. These improvements would enhance economic development opportunities in the state’s burgeoning energy sector as well as in other critical areas of the state’s economy including tourism, agriculture and manufacturing. Addressing these projects would also improve safety on the state’s roads, which would lower the financial and economic costs of traffic crashes.
  • TRIP ranked each transportation project based on a rating system that considered short-term economic benefits, including job creation; the level of  improvement in the condition of the transportation facility, including safety improvements; the amount of improvement in access and mobility; and the long-term improvement provided in regional or state economic performance and competitiveness.
  • Wyoming’s 10 most needed surface transportation projects to support economic development in the state are as follows.  Additional details on the 25 most needed projects in Wyoming for economic recovery and growth are included in the report’s Appendix.

GDP Change By State

Download full version (PDF): Top 25 Surface Transportation Projects to Support Economic Growth in Wyoming

About The Road Information Program (TRIP)
“Founded in 1971, TRIP is a nonprofit organization that promotes transportation policies that relieve traffic congestion, improve road and bridge conditions, improve air quality, make highway travel safer and enhance economic productivity.”

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