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Interactive Map: The Chicago Commute

Thursday, February 6th, 2014
Transitized: Chicago Commute

A unique interactive map from Transitized illustrates the various modes of transportation used by Chicagoans in their daily commutes.

You’ll see a lot of red on the map, symbolizing the carbon-conscious citizen’s nightmare of “driving alone,” but the outlook’s not all so bleak–most downtown neighborhoods favor walking, and some transit corridors with direct access to downtown (though not all, surprisingly) bring a majority of residents to work. Biking and carpooling are all but invisible at first, but mouseover any area of the map and you’ll see quick stats for that exact spot, revealing that lesser-utilized modes of transportation are still present in significant–if not majority–numbers.

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Natural Connections: Green Infrastructure in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana

Thursday, January 30th, 2014
Natural Connections: Green Infrastructure in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana

Green infrastructure is the interconnected network of land and water that supports native species, maintains natural and ecological processes, sustains air and water resources, and contributes to the health and quality of life of people and communities…The need to protect the region’s green infrastructure is greater than ever. Rapid changes in land use, increases in non-native species, and other threats imperil the region’s natural heritage. Green infrastructure should serve as the strategic framework for conservation and development so that linkages and key natural areas can be preserved before development occurs.

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Riding the Bike Share Boom

Monday, December 9th, 2013
Riding the Bike Share Boom

Without a doubt 2013 has been a banner year for bike share in the United States with large systems implemented in New York City (Citibike) & Chicago (Divvy) and many others debuting (or expanding their size) in cites big and small. In fact, Citibike now boasts over 10 million bike miles travelled and is inching closer to 100,000 members!

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Strategic Action Plan for the Chicago Loop

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013
Loop Area Strategy Diagram

The vision for the Loop and the Strategic Action Plan are not static. The Loop is ever changing as priorities shift, objectives change and new developments impact the social and economic dynamic of the Loop. Therefore, this Strategic Action Plan is a working document; it is a flexible tool that will evolve with the Loop as it changes and grows over the coming years.

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Guest on The Infra Blog: Joseph E. Shacter, Director of Public and Intermodal Transportation, Illinois DOT

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Joseph E. Shacter discusses the Illinois Department of Transportation’s work to improve rail service both in and around Illinois, as well as the challenges ahead in fostering public awareness of HSR benefits and overcoming cost barriers. Shacter also explains the significance of IDOT’s recently released “220-MPH High-Speed Rail Feasibility Study” that suggests that true high-speed rail could be on the horizon for the Midwest.

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Creativity in Transit: Public Art on the CTA

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013
Juan Carlos Macias-Commonplaces

This summer, the CTA requested proposals for art projects that it intends to display at newly-renovated Red Line stations on its southern Dan Ryan Branch. Ever since then, I’ve been taking a closer look at the art in and around the trains.

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Guest on The Infra Blog: Richard. M. Daley, Former Mayor of Chicago

Thursday, September 26th, 2013
Richard M. Daley n The Infra Blog

“You can’t say ‘Okay, we have X amount of money, go do something. You have to spend it within a year.’ I think the debate got caught up into not looking at long-range infrastructure projects that are sustainable and allow a much more efficient operation dealing with sustainability of businesses using the infrastructure or the private sector…America has to get back because it’s not just the roads, it’s the water systems, it’s the energy systems, it’s transportation, its looking at things and how, with sustainability, we can be more efficient.”

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Condition of the U.S. Interstate System

Friday, August 23rd, 2013
Interstate System Illinois

FEDERAL HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION Introduction The Interstate system in the United States is as diverse as the States it traverses and the people that use it. This report attempts to explore the diversity of the Interstate system by State and route, by focusing on a few data attributes that reflect its extent, usage, and condition. The […]

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Central IL: Levee Break

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Some of the worst flooding in decades in Central Illinois post-levee break – roxymarie17 on YouTube.

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Chicago, IL: Breaking Down the Wells Street Bridge

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Time lapse: Breaking down the Wells Street bridge in Chicago from Craig Newman on Vimeo. The Chicago Transit Authority is tearing down the Wells Street bridge, disrupting Brown and Purple Line service for at least a week. This is an unedited time lapse of the first 48 hours of construction as iron workers went about […]

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