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Interactive Map: The Transit Space Race 2013

Posted by Content Coordinator on Thursday, January 24th, 2013


Above you’ll find a map of all the under construction and planned fixed guideway transit projects in the United States. These projects were gathered in 2012 from local sources including but not limited to, long range plans, discussions with local officials, and newspaper coverage. We understand that these projects are fluid and the estimates of cost as well as the projects themselves are subject to change frequently. This list should be seen as a snapshot in time and not a definitive source on the subject matter.

Projects listed within the Transit Space Race are fixed guideway projects including heavy rail, commuter rail, LRT, streetcars, various technologies such as cog railways, and Bus Rapid Transit lines that have more than 50% of their right of way dedicated to the bus alone. Rapid buses without dedicated lanes are an important part of any transit network however the inclusion of them in this project would have made the list hard to create. Additionally, this catalog is not a list of projects we would like to see built or an endorsement of any project. It is simply a list of what regions around the country have listed as potential projects.

In 2011, we found 643 projects in 109 regions. 439 projects had cost estimates which added up to a total of $233 billion.

In 2013, we found 721 projects in 109 regions. 497 projects had some cost estimate which added up to a total of $250 billion.

In terms of process, we also found that 88 projects are in Alternatives Analysis, 99 projects are in the Engineering phase, 43 projects are currently stalled, and 52 projects are under construction. The rest are future plans without definite funding or determined alignments.

In terms of funding and construction, using a rudimentary calculation of existing New Starts funds listed at $1.6 billion per year and assuming a 50 percent local match, it would take 78.1 years to construct all of the lines that have cost estimates.

Additional data can be found in our project spreadsheet. The 2011 update of the report along with a downloadable PDF copy can be found here.

View Interactive Map ( The Transit Space Race 2013

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