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Guest on The Infra Blog: Rudy Malfabon, Director, Nevada Department of Transportation

Posted by Content Coordinator on Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Rudy Malfabon, Director, Nevada DOTRudy Malfabon has worked for the Nevada Department of Transportation for more than 25 years. As director, he is responsible for the daily operations of the department that has an annual operating budget of over $800 million and close to 1,750 employees.

As NDOT director, Mr. Malfabon seeks to further enhance communication, coordination and customer service with local agency partners, elected officials, contractors and the general public to prioritize transportation funding needs, projects and activities across the state.

Mr. Malfabon chairs the American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials’ Standing Committee on Highway Traffic Safety, which encourages, recommends and supports highway safety programs to reduce highway crashes and promote national health and economic growth. He has also served on two research panels for the National Cooperative Highway Research Program, dealing primarily with construction management issues. Mr. Malfabon is a graduate civil engineer from the University of Nevada, Reno, and is a registered professional engineer in Nevada and Washington. His hobbies include camping, fishing, and gardening. He resides in Carson City and maintains a residence in Las Vegas.

DOTs to Congress: Do the Right Thing Now!
I think that transportation infrastructure is an investment in the economy and it grows the economy. It pays back dividends. Not just the jobs that are created during construction, but the jobs that are sustained by businesses that are improved in access by that transportation.

The Impact of Federal Inaction
The inaction to have a long-term transportation bill is making us hesitate on pulling the trigger on some other major projects…Should Congress decide states are going to see a cut, departments of transportation are going to see a cut…then we would have to reestablish our priorities. 

The Role of Citizen Engagement
We don’t advocate for a political position, but we communicate facts about what shape our system is in, what the needs are, trying to catch up with growth that occurred when we were one of the fastest growing states in the nation—in Vegas, in particular. So we just try to get the facts out there and hopefully the people are paying attention.

The Downtown Las Vegas Highway Upgrade: Project NEON
It’s hugely important to Nevada because of not only the connectivity issues for commuters, but there’s been a lot of redevelopment of this area as an arts district…it’s important to have that connectivity for the folks that either need those services or go to those areas for entertainment and arts.

Abandoning the P3 Model
…We wanted to still have our regular-sized capital improvement program across southern Nevada and the rest of the state, and we wanted our debt-service payments to not exceed traditional levels of debt service…and the same kind of number for the balance in our state highway fund…We were able to achieve all three goals with bonding or P3.

Download full transcript (PDF): Rudy Malfabon on The Infra Blog

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