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San Francisco, CA: Green & Gray

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015
San Francisco, CA: Green & Gray

Directed by by Mauricio Romero and Walden Smith. The wastewater division of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission prepares to change a decade old sewage system in San Francisco that will better prepare the city for the future and present climate changes. Part of the Summer 2015 Community Filmmaking Partnership.

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Nevada DOT: Managing Stormwater in the Clear Creek Watershed

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015
Nevada DOT: Managing Stormwater in the Clear Creek Watershed

The roadway between Carson City and Lake Tahoe was constructed in 1957 in preparation for the 1960 U.S. Olympics in Squaw Valley. Part of the Clear Creek Watershed, erosion has become a serious problem over the years, prompting NDOT to make some significant erosion control and stormwater improvements. James Murphy of NDOT’s Stormwater Management Program explains the benefits of the much needed project.

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Newark, NJ: Planning & Implementing Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Thursday, August 13th, 2015
Figure 1 ‐ GSI Best Management Practices

The City of Newark seeks to create a more sustainable city environment, improving the urban design of neighborhoods, the infrastructure serving the City, and health and safety of residents and businesses. Implementation of Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) is a key strategy by which Newark can both manage stormwater runoff more sustainably and promote sustainable community design and renewal.

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Interactive Report: ASCE Gamechangers

Friday, August 7th, 2015
ASCE Gamechangers

#GameChangers is a compilation of the best and brightest innovations changing the infrastructure sector…We have surveyed engineers and public officials across the country to identify key game changers across the major infrastructure sectors – how we deliver drinking water, treat wastewater, build roads and bridges, design transit systems, generate and distribute energy, and move goods to market. We’re at a critical moment in deciding how, and if, we will further invest in our infrastructure. Imagine what more we can do if we seize the opportunity to replicate these engineering innovations.

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Promoting Innovation for a Sustainable Water Future

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
EPA: Innovations in the Water Sector

Over the past year, EPA has collaborated with a wide spectrum of partners, all of whom play a critical role in advancing water technology and innovation. Progress toward sustainable water resources is accelerating. This Progress Report provides additional examples of the growing momentum across the country to address traditional and emerging threats to the nation’s water resources.

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U.S. EPA: New England is Using Green Infrastructure to “Soak Up The Rain”

Friday, June 19th, 2015
U.S. EPA: New England is Using Green Infrastructure to “Soak Up The Rain”

Polluted stormwater runoff is one of the greatest threats to clean water in the nation. EPA-New England launched its “Soak up the Rain” outreach program to raise public awareness about these threats, and help communities understand how green infrastructure (GI) strategies can help mitigate runoff damage. GI uses natural processes (vegetation and soil infiltration) to absorb and treat runoff at its source while offering additional benefits that can include flood mitigation, economic protection, habitat preservation and quality of life improvements. This video shows citizens from several communities using GI to mitigate their stormwater problems; people including school principals, municipal DPW officials, residential property owners and landscape professionals. The video also illustrates how Soak up the Rain actively promotes community efforts to reduce runoff and showcases specific GI projects.

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2015 Strategic Directions: U.S. Water Industry Report

Thursday, June 11th, 2015
Figure 1 Ratings of water industry issues-trends over time

U.S. water service providers are uniquely accustomed to changing conditions. But rarely have so many competing pressures tested the industry as they do in 2015. Strained capital budgets, aging equipment and distribution systems, social pressures around sustainability and water scarcity are further impacting a sector that is already in the midst of a decade-long business model transformation. These pressures are also rewriting the rules for utilities that have been forced to prioritize “need to have” infrastructure investments at the expense of investments in their future.

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The New Wave of Water Innovation

Thursday, May 14th, 2015
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s Westerly Wastewater Treatment Plant cleans water before it’s returned to Lake Erie. Photo Credit: John Quinn

This briefing paper, issued by the Value of Water Coalition, spotlights innovative solutions to the nation’s growing water challenges. Through capital investments, technological innovations, creative financing tools, and cross-sector partnerships, water leaders are building stronger communities and a stronger America.

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San Francisco Sewers: You Can’t Live a Day Without Me

Monday, April 13th, 2015
San Francisco Sewers: You Can’t Live a Day Without Me

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the City agency that brought national attention to your sewers using slogans like “No one deals with more crap than I do” and “Your #2 is my #1,” is now debuting a rap song!

“You Can’t Live a Day Without Me” is a rap video about the San Francisco sewers with cameos by ex-49ers great Ronnie Lott and former San Francisco Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr.

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Boston, MA: Tidal Flows and Waste Systems

Monday, December 29th, 2014
Boston, MA: Tidal Flows and Waste Systems

With the separation of Boston’s antiquated Combined Sewage system, the city has paved the way for direct recreation and experience of its greatest asset, Boston harbor. This video proposes a series of elevated and sunken land forms to register the tidal current through the stratified ecologies of the intertidal zone. Within the center of a sloped approach, bowl-like landforms trap the retreating water to create artificial tide pools.

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